Glorious 60 (Part 2 – Coming of Age)

At a juncture when I was about to start my Masters in Physics my father suggested I move to Bangalore to start another office. I just jumped at the opportunity without thinking twice. Studies, shudies!! who wanted to get into that. Bangalore meant FREEDOM! Yes it also meant work, but after work I had complete... Continue Reading →

Glorious 60 (Part 1 – The Age of Innocence)

It’s been 60 years, some glorious and some not so glorious, but they have been my 60 years, full of experience, which I treasure and make me what I am today. Why is reaching 60 considered such a landmark? Apparently it marks completion of half the years of one's lifetime. 120 years is considered the... Continue Reading →

India is in Her Villages

Kalandri to me evokes a sense of peace and tranquility. A tiny little village set in rural India, it is in Rajasthan’s Sirohi District, around 150km from Udaipur. Even though I was born and brought up in Adoni, Andhra Pradesh, my forefathers came from Kalandri, Rajasthan. It's like Adoni is my Karma Bhoomi and Kalhandri... Continue Reading →

A man worthy of the Nobel peace prize

I had just entered my teens when my father sent me to attend a Shibir in Palanpur. A Shibir is an Indian version of a camp and was organized by Kumarpal V Shah on spirituality. That was the first time I met the grand philanthropist. At that time I had very little knowledge of who... Continue Reading →

The Richest Family

Imagine sitting on a small square mattress placed on the floor, with a small square table in front of you. Just like students studied, once upon a time, in a Gurukul. You look up from the scrolls and your gaze falls on the silvery hues of the mighty Ganges, flowing past you with its hidden... Continue Reading →

Adoni 518301

As a youngster had I known the historic importance of Adoni I might have never left. I mean would you have been able to part with a 500 year old history? Adoni passed from the hands of the Vijaynagara Empire to Bijapur Sultanate to Raja Anup Singh of Bikaner to the Nizam of Hyderabad to... Continue Reading →

Anekāntavād – the concept of many sidedness

You would have all heard the story of “The elephant and the blind men” at some point in your life. Even I didn’t know that this story originated in India, from where it spread far and wide. The Buddhist text Udana written during the lifetime of Gautam Buddha c.500 BCE, contains one of the earliest... Continue Reading →


I have written about my mother before and I don’t think I will be saying anything new which others might not have written or spoken about, in relation to their mothers. Mothers are very interesting creatures, in our culture most of the time, they are in the background and do not get the due credit... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Indian’s Growth

As an entrepreneur and businessman I always keep a finger on the pulse of the market. The other day while surfing the net I was alarmed to see that the IMF has projected India's per capita GDP to dip below our little neighbor to the left. I have visited Bangladesh several times and was appalled... Continue Reading →

My Brush with Philanthropy

Until I got into it I didn't realize what difficult work Philanthropy is. Having money and giving it to a cause is the easy part. I was only 19 when I started my business and I had to wait for 9 Diwalis before the business started to make any profit. Imagine 9 long years of... Continue Reading →

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