Micchami Dukkaḍam

On the occasion of Samvatsari Pratikraman as I delve further into the history of Jainism I would like to share a story. But before I share that story I would like to give some background of "Micchkami Dukkhadam". Michchāmi Dukkaḍaṃ appears in the Airyapathiki Sutra, verses 3.124 and 3.130 of the Yoga sastra and it's... Continue Reading →

The Quintessential Paryushan Tap

Born into a Jain family I was quite familiar with the parampara followed in a traditional family. In Adoni the ‘Jain community' is very small and closely knit. Having lived in a large joint family I grew up seeing my family, friends and community participating in different fasting rituals.Fasting or Tap is a very important... Continue Reading →

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