Doctor – A Life Saver, a Life Giver

Life they say is truly uncertain and unpredictable. It throws uncalled, unexpected situations at you. Whether a test? Whether a lesson? We do not know.

There is a certain respect, a certain reverence that comes with being a woman. A woman bearing a child, growing a life inside her is shown huge regard, and so it should be, while so is the doctor, the medical provider who helps and assists the woman in realising her dream of becoming a mother. A doctor, a woman, who is a mother herself. A mother, who knows the turmoils of having prayed for her own and to be gifted with one. She knows the value of being a mother, a woman giving birth to her little one. With that very intent, the doctor goes about fulfilling her responsibilities, her duties with all heart, trying to be the reason for every mother’s smile.

Then comes a day, where within a fraction of a second, things get out of hand, causing nothing but helplessness. A life could be lost. The blame could be on her. Name calling might not stop. But the doctor keeps her nerve, with all her faith believing she will save the life, because that is what a doctor would strive hard to do. Because that is what the woman fighting for her life, would believe for her doctor to do.

The life gets saved. The woman’s faith is restored. The doctor’s belief wins. But the unpleasant world outside awaits her. Hurling unpleasant words at her. Blaming her for everything that went down. To err is human, it is said. Then why is the world so harsh? Years of her medical practice done out of love, was questioned in no time. Who could possibly question the ways of nature? The ways of fate and destiny? Do we, as humans, have the capacity to look at a person, beyond the obvious? That she might feel as much pain as the woman she treats? That she might be sacrificing many things too, her dreams, her aspirations, just to make sure she fulfils her commitments? Is she ever given a chance to explain herself? Do we ever, while blaming, think that there is always another side to the story we hear?

A Doctor might be given the name of being the Life Giver, a life saviour, sometimes even God. Can we for once, treat her like just another human? A human with a heart?

As the world continues to spit nothing but venom, the woman who was brought back to life values her more. At the end of the day, they both held onto each other the closest, while the world outside did nothing but point fingers at her. She will go on with her duties like she always has, with nothing but love and happiness, because she is ultimately not just a doctor, she is a woman who personifies strength, now and forever.

Birthday priya

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