Does the truth really triumph?

How often do we act upon our love for a person back home or express our emotions, our feelings towards something or someone?

How often do we do anything at all to realise something that is very easy to speak of but equally difficult to do something about?

I know of a Columbia Graduate, a well-educated, ex McKinsey employee, a Schwarzman scholar, a fluent speaker of the Chinese language who did it. He could have had it all comfortable but in him there was a zeal to do something, not just talk but contribute, not just debate about but in actual make a change.

He wasn’t about hoisting a flag as a ritual and then going about his routine day, oblivious to what was happening in the country. He was about wanting to serve his nation, his motherland and making a difference at the ground level, or what we call the real world out there.

A process which wasn’t easy, the days leading to the goal very difficult, be it the extreme weather conditions or the unhygienic surroundings, be it the kind of food provided or the entire not-so-streamlined documentation process. Struggling and surviving the unfavourable days, he made his way up slowly and steadily. As he moved closer to the victory board, he saw his dream getting closer to reality.

And then the moment came, the moment that would decide his destiny there. Would he get a chance to do something for his country? For his motherland? To contribute?

He had done well so far, he was certain he will make it through. He was asked to talk about his experience and give a feedback of the situation there and he did, with all his uprightness and honesty.

It wasn’t a comfortable life he was expecting there coz there are people fighting in worst conditions for the country. But it was a mere cry for a better hygiene and environment out there. Don’t the people fighting for our safety, deserve that much too?

Maybe the honesty, the rectitude was too much for them? Or did it come across as sheer entitlement? Was it presumed that he wouldn’t survive the extremities? There came the verdict which turned the decision against him. A dream shattered, a goal no more existent.

Whether it was his skill set in question or the concern was his candour? He stood to lose at the end of it. A price probably paid for being truthful? A chance lost to serve the nation.

P.S. – Not revealing the name and identity of the organisation for reasons of respect and dignity.



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