Doctor – A Life Saver, a Life Giver

Life they say is truly uncertain and unpredictable. It throws uncalled, unexpected situations at you. Whether a test? Whether a lesson? We do not know. There is a certain respect, a certain reverence that comes with being a woman. A woman bearing a child, growing a life inside her is shown huge regard, and so... Continue Reading →

Clean Chit by the Ugly Indians and the Star from Japan

In our country, mention the word – clean and we begin to link it with PM Modi’s initiative for a Clean India, a Swacch Bharat. Everyday we talk of our tax money that goes into this initiative. Each day we talk of keeping our surroundings clean. There are days we talk in frustration about the... Continue Reading →

Does the truth really triumph?

How often do we act upon our love for a person back home or express our emotions, our feelings towards something or someone? How often do we do anything at all to realise something that is very easy to speak of but equally difficult to do something about? I know of a Columbia Graduate, a... Continue Reading →

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