My experience of Pakistani hospitality

I visited Lahore for the first time around 2004…or rather I had to; it was work related. The family was apprehensive; so was I. But I could not have been more wrong. I realized in the course of my numerous visits, how far our perception of our neighbouring country was from reality. Welcome to Lahore... Continue Reading →

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in India

People who know me say that I am a born entrepreneur. I wouldn’t disagree. I had been wanting for sometime to be able to share my experiences with youngsters standing on the brink of adulthood; to be able to maybe inspire them to be unafraid of taking chances. The opportunity came to me a few... Continue Reading →

Why it isn’t easy doing business in India

In the many years since I turned entrepreneur I have realized that doing business in India is almost like walking through a landmine. One has to negotiate unstructured policies and ambiguous laws almost like one would a landmine. Businesses are plagued with outdated rules and complicated procedures; there is no transparency, no clear answers even... Continue Reading →

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