Seldom is it true that time heals everything. Life isn’t a fairytale; it hardly ever is. While it is a mixture of delights and sorrows, sorrows have an unappealing tendency to remain longer in our lives; they hardly ever depart entirely. Resurfacing, if not soon, they begin pulling you down unkindly into the whirlpool of suffering. With the passage of time, we begin to forget things, but it takes a just a tiny fragment of memories to bring them back rushing from their exile. Even if you let go, it clings on to you like an uninvited hitchhiker, tauntingly relentless and not letting you escape.

Letting go becomes so much harder while the memories persist with their unsought visits. Getting over the loss of someone who was close to you is tough and overwhelming. However, when that person is out of your life but isn’t out of your mind, it takes tremendous effort and courage to continue living with it. It is inevitably piercing, that you keep thinking about him even though you know there’s nothing that can be done to alter it.

You feel that excruciating pain every day as people advice you to move on, to put out of your mind whatever has happened, but that person is available to everyone but you. That a person who was very much your everything could hurt you and carry on with his life as if nothing has happened, how does one overlook something that exists around you?  That a person who was so close to you and you had lived for him chose to discard you for no reasons obvious, how do you reconcile with the harsh reality?

When a person, who was like the air to you, abandons you one day for no reason, it becomes puzzling and intolerable. As days pass by, your thoughts swing between the spheres of sadness and anger and uncertainty and frustrations. It becomes harder to acknowledge the fact that he is not there for you anymore because you don’t want to admit that he has left you. What is more frustrating is that the reason is unbeknown. On the other hand, it is comparatively easier to get by the loss of a person to death because the reality is obvious that he is not coming back. It is easier for the mind to accept this fact even though it might take some time to come to terms with the fact that the person has ceased to exist.

It is easier to overcome things that remain in the past. But when it inseparable from the present, it simply is agonizing. It is effortless to tell one to detach themselves from such circumstances. Our sacred books, tell us that we can do nothing else but to bear it and move forward. It seems so archaic in today’s world. Yet, it is true. But does it say anywhere, how to live with it? Has any religion given the answers to deal with such situations?

With the poetic beauty of sadness, there is a ravaging beast that is the reality- a side no one wants to see. It takes courage to tame them both. It is, alas, a weakness of the human mind that we are left to ponder with.


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  1. Some times we feel we are correct but only after the act we know what was Correct and incorrect , sir your words will always be as positive and inspirational to all


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