GST for Textile – A sweet pill or a bitter one?

The textile industry provides direct employment to 41 million individuals and generates 68 million indirect jobs for skilled and unskilled workers in the country. It contributes about 10% of the total annual export. With textile commodities holding a seven per cent weightage in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), it is a much sought after component... Continue Reading →


Why Amazon will win the e-commerce race in India

Much is being made of how Amazon India has lost ground to its competitors during this Diwali season. Some are even claiming that this trend is here to stay. But I would counter that they are mistaking the tree for the woods. Based on my personal experience working with and selling to all major ecommerce firms,... Continue Reading →

My experience of Pakistani hospitality

I visited Lahore for the first time around 2004…or rather I had to; it was work related. The family was apprehensive; so was I. But I could not have been more wrong. I realized in the course of my numerous visits, how far our perception of our neighbouring country was from reality. Welcome to Lahore... Continue Reading →

Why it isn’t easy doing business in India

In the many years since I turned entrepreneur I have realized that doing business in India is almost like walking through a landmine. One has to negotiate unstructured policies and ambiguous laws almost like one would a landmine. Businesses are plagued with outdated rules and complicated procedures; there is no transparency, no clear answers even... Continue Reading →

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