What’s all the hype about Chat GPT?

The other day while reading the Economic Times I chanced upon an article, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI will be visiting India on 7th June 2023, for an exclusive chat with India’s Top Tech Start-ups, policy makers and business leaders. The discussion will center on the impact of technology on businesses, jobs and society. I... Continue Reading →

Jab Akshay Met Shrishti

When my son Akshay finally decided to get married, I was overjoyed. It was a dream come true, so it was but natural, that I wanted to celebrate the wedding in a very big way, to commemorate this momentous occasion. The engagement was a whirlwind event agreed, planned, and executed in close to 3 days.... Continue Reading →

TATA – The Hot-Tempered One

When you read the title of my blog you will be equally surprised as I was that the meaning of the name TATA means “The Hot-Tempered One”. This was the name adopted by one of the two, Parsi Zoroastrian, priestly families, that settled in Navsari, Gujarat in the early 13th century.  A fortune-teller prophesized about... Continue Reading →

This Women’s Day – Musings Of An Old Fool

First and foremost I would like to put a disclaimer that I am old and some of my views sound outdated but before you throw them out of the window I would like to make my point. It's Women’s Day! At office we welcomed all the ladies with chocolates and roses. On such a day... Continue Reading →

Vihar in Rural India

Spirituality has been a part of my existence and as I grow older I’ve had the inclination to delve into it more. Vihar has always fascinated me. Our Jain Monks are allowed to stay at one place only during the monsoon months. The rest of the eight months they must travel by foot, from place... Continue Reading →

My Tryst with Covid

The third wave has finally ensnared me. My wife got it first and a few days later I showed the same symptoms. The gen in the market is that this wave is milder yet virulent. I wonder what the delta variant must have been like if this knocked me off my feet. The body pain... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Sight

We have organised over a dozen Medical Camps, in Kalandri, over the last decade. Of these 14 medical camps, 11 have been for eyesight, with 700 successful cataract operations. It is my personal experience and I may be wrong, but sight seems to be the most important sense to a person. Especially once you become... Continue Reading →

Kashmir – God’s Own Canvas

If Kerala, the south western strip of India is called God’s Own Country then Kashmir the northern most part of India surely deserves to be called God’s Own Canvas. God has definitely put in immense time and effort in her strokes. Now, I've done some fair bit of travelling across the world to very discerningly... Continue Reading →

PALITANA – A Beautiful State of Mind

Dawn was just breaking as I started my climb at 5.45 up the 3700 steps to the Jain Temple at Palitana, nestled on top of a hill. There was not a soul visible in sight, which is so uncanny given that it was the day after ‘Samvatsari’ which is the day of forgiveness. The peace,... Continue Reading →

2024 Olympics – Climbing Up The Ladder

Zeus and Hercules must be sitting up there and having a great laugh. The two Greek Gods in whose honor The Olympic Games began in the 8th  century BC, would be holding on to their sides, rolling on the floor, laughing. The ultimate test of sports endurance and what a massive imbalance. Two Asian countries,... Continue Reading →

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